Why Python Programming is a Skill You Should Possess

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Key Takeaways:

1) On 5th August 2022, Kenya made history by becoming the first country in Africa to approve coding as part of the primary and secondary school curricula.

2) Microsoft opened labs and offices worth $27 million in Nairobi, Kenya in March. This centre is among the most prominent software engineering facilities on the African continent.

3) Python is a popular language that is used in the following areas: Machine learning, Web Development, Computer security and Digital Image Processing.

4) Despite being 30 years old, Python happens to be the most popular language worldwide having massively grown in the past 5 years (10.2%)

5) According to research conducted by PayScale, an average software engineer who has Python skills in Kenya earns Ksh 1,233,473 per year.

6) JENGA School is a Kenyan online-based institution that is dedicated to launching your career in Software Engineering, Data Science and AI fields.  

7) The Python programming course at JENGA School is taught online by hands-on instructors. It is flexible and affordable- at the end of the course, you get to work on a project that allows you to practically apply what you have learned.

Kenya: East Africa’s Silicon Savannah

On 5th August 2022, Kenya made history by becoming the first country in Africa to approve coding as part of the primary and secondary school curricula. President Uhuru Kenyatta applauded the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) for wanting to impart coding as a skill to the incoming generation of leaders. This landmark achievement further reinforces Kenya’s title as East Africa’s “Silicon Savannah”.

It is no secret that Kenya is embracing technology and innovation. In fact, our efforts in this sector have attracted foreign tech giants who perceive our country as a hotspot for new tech opportunities. In March, Microsoft opened labs and offices worth $27 million in Nairobi, Kenya. 

 President Uhuru Kenyatta went on record saying that he was optimistic that this new Microsoft establishment will lead to youths securing high-tech jobs within the digital space.

These events offer us a peek into the future. Evidently, Kenya is making its way towards digitalization so that we can compete effectively in the global market. This virtually means that within a few years, skills such as coding will be a part of job applications- pretty much like how you are required to know how to use Microsoft applications by companies looking to hire in today’s market. Think about it, if coding is a part of school curricula now then it means that by the time these kids are entering the job market they will possess coding as a skill, a basic skill!

So why not ensure that you can compete effectively in both local and international markets now and in the future?

If you are wondering how you can achieve this, here is a solution: Start out coding using python, which is arguably the hottest programming language nowadays. 

We’ll explore why that might be the case, what the current trends within the Python community are, and what packages and tools you might want to get acquainted with if you don’t want to be left behind.

Why you should study Python programming

First things first, vanquish the popular preconceived notion that coding is hard. Like any other skill, programming needs practice, patience, and passion.

Now, learning Python programming is like learning a new language. At first, all you will see are a jumble of  words, and then, with time, as you learn and practice, you will become a master of the language – a real-time Python programming ninja.

So, why exactly should you study Python programming?  

1. Python is a general-purpose and popular language

This basically means that unlike the other languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript- Python can be used in applications outside web development. Learning this particular language allows you to stand out in a sea of coders.

Despite being 30 years old, Python happens to be the most popular language worldwide having massively grown in the past 5 years (10.2%). Within the same number of years, Java lost its popularity (-4.6%). Also, according to the PYPL Popularity Programming Language Index, Python happens to be the most researched programming language on the internet.

Python is so popular that Google created its own Python style guide!

Graph showing the popularity of Python as a programming language globally

2)     Python is novice-friendly

The reason why coding enthusiasts never really leave the enthusiasm nest is that most programming languages look foreign and well, hard. Python, however, takes away the foreign element as it features English syntax. This particular syntax is concise and easy to read ensuring that you, as a learner, have an easier time learning the language.

Additionally, Python happens to be an interpreted programming language, which means that once you write a line of code you can run it to check for errors. As a beginner, you will be able to make adjustments as you write the code, giving you leeway to improve this craft.

3)     Python is versatile

Once you become a Python programming ninja, you will be able to accomplish both simple and complex tasks. These include; designing websites, developing apps, scheduling and automation tasks, designing simple game applications, data science tasks, etc. This means that, on top of standing out in the job market, you will be able to make your life easier!

An image of an excited girl after learning about the perks of Python programming

Python also happens to possess the uncanny ability to run with other coding languages. This means that you can integrate Python with Java (Jython) and Python with C (CPython). How is this not mind-blowing?

Further, with Python, you do not have to worry about having a specific platform. Python works seamlessly on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

4) Python skills can get you a very well paying job

The reason we toil every day, whether at work or in school, is because we want financial freedom. Python can get you that much desired financial freedom.

It is worth mentioning that prominent companies like Netflix, Google, DropBox, and Facebook use Python. This means that such organizations are always looking for Python developers.

According to StackOverflow, a Python developer has a high likelihood of earning a high salary even if they have less experience. In Kenya, a Software Developer with Python skills who has around 1 to 4 years of experience is eligible to earn ksh 726,057 (inclusive of overtime, bonuses, and tips). According to research conducted by PayScale, an average Software Engineer who has Python skills in Kenya earns ksh 1,233,473 per year.

Besides being employed , learning Python is the first step you should take if you’re an entrepreneur looking to work on your own tech projects or ideas. 

YouTube disclosed that in the last four years, its revenue has grown by more than 30%. In 2021, this beloved platform made $28.8 billion, a whopping 46% increase from 2020. Pretty awesome right?

Now, why should you care about YouTube’s revenue?

Simple, Python is the language that was used to create YouTube. Do you want to materialize that tech concept that you have? Learn Python programming and start your journey towards financial freedom.

Again, not bad huh?

As mentioned earlier, Kenya is currently a hot zone for tech innovations. Possessing Python skills, better positions you in the country’s competitive job market.

5)     Python has a robust community

When you are learning something new, you need a support system that will help you when you get stuck. Can you imagine how many accidents there would be if novice drivers didn’t do test drives with their instructors?

Python has a large online community where you can share your queries and hurdles when it comes to software or errors while programming. Python users across the globe get to discuss Python-related issues, and there are even physical meetings that are organized for the same purpose.

An image of a happy, content community - JENGA Coding School Kenya

You will not be alone in your learning journey. You will be surrounded by a community that knows exactly what you are going through as a Python novice.

Now, you have a good idea of why Python is the place to start in your coding journey. The question is, where can you learn Python programming?

The answer is, JENGA School.

Why you should learn Python programming at JENGA School

JENGA School is a Kenyan online-based institution that is dedicated to launching your career in the Software Engineering, Data Science and AI fields. Python programming is among the courses they offer.

Here are some of the reasons why you should study programming at JENGA School:

   1). Affordability.

Self-paced Python programming courses normally cost around Ksh10,000 to Ksh20,000. With these types of courses, you have to walk the learning journey alone, relying mostly on internet tutorials.

JENGA School, however, has all hands-on-deck instructors who hold your hand and guide you through the course. All you need is Ksh 20,000!

2). Flexibility.

JENGA School offers you the option of learning Python programming from the comfort of your own home. Classes are conducted online, saving you the hassle of leaving your home to learn the course physically.

3) Hands-on instructors

Learning Python programming at JENGA School means that you will be under the care of exceptional instructors and in-class teaching assistants. Unlike self-paced courses, the experience at JENGA School will be hands-on and rigorous, meaning that you will learn how to practically apply Python programming.

4) Industry lectures

While at JENGA School, you will attend industry lectures that feature industry leaders who are using Python programming in the real world. This means that you will get a clear picture of how you can use your new skill to solve a real-world problem.

In the past, JENGA School has invited industry leaders such as Stephanie Wright from Alteryx, Dao Mi from Netflix, Brian Ngure from Amitruck, and Steve Crawford from NASA to talk to learners about how they can solve real-world problems with their skills.

5)  Practical learning

Remember how we talked about hands-on instructors and practical learning? After learning Python programming, you will get to practically apply your knowledge by working on a project that allows you to practically apply what you have learned. This way, by the time you are leaving JENGA School, you will be ready for the job market.

6)  Certificate

In Kenya, papers bear a weight. Employers want to verify that you have the skills you claim to possess. Upon completion, JENGA School offers graduates a certificate showing that, after a demanding 2 months, they have become Python programming ninjas!

Who is Python programming for?

Python programming is for people who:

1) Want to switch careers to become developers

2) Want to upskill.

3) Have finished high school and do not know what to pursue next.

4) Have completed their degree and are seeking job opportunities.

Learn Python For Beginners - JENGA School Python Course

Now that we know why you should study Python and where to do this, how about enrolling in JENGA School’s Python programming course here?

Secure your present and your future by getting a timeless, popular and lucrative skill.

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